What is ISC ?

Founded on November 28th, 1992 in Madrid (Spain), the International Spiritist Council is an world-wide organization resulting from the union of associations representing Spiritist movement in each country.

In order to support and stimulate Spiritist movement in different countries, the ISC created regional departments having as objective to work together with the representatives from each country.

Check the list of member countries here.

Events and Congresses

The International Spiritist Council organizes conferences, courses, regional events and world congresses which occur each three years.

With the organization of World Spiritist Congresses the International Spiritist Council tries to consolidate space at international level for dissemination of Spiritist teachings in all countries. The presence of renowned speakers, always interesting programmes on current issues, as well as the presence of thousands of participants, always growing in number, make each World Spiritist Congress a unique event.

The first congress organized by the ISC took place in Brasília in 1995. The second was held in Portugal, in Lisboa, in 1998. The city of Guatemala in Guatemala seated the third congress. The fourth congress, memorizing the bicentenary of Allan Kardec in 2004, was realized in Paris, France, and in 2007, in the year of the commemoration of 150 years of the first edition of the Spirits’ Books, the fifth congress was hosted by Colombian city of Cartagena. The sixth World Spiritist Congress was organized in Valencia, Spain. The 7th World Spiritist Congress took place in Havana, Cuba on 22-24 March 2013. Its central theme was: “Spiritual Education and Charity in the Building of a Peace-loving World” – 150 years of the Gospel according to Spiritism. The 8th WSC was held in Lisbon, Portugal on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October 2016. The main theme was ISC’s Campaign: “Love Life!”.

The 9th World Spiritist Congress will be in Mexico City, MEXICO on the 4th, 5th and 6th of October 2019. More informations will be available soon!

Edicei Publishing House

Nowadays, more than 150 years after the first edition of the Spirits’ Book, the task of taking the consolating message the Superior Spirits legated to the Humankind to the most distant places of the planet, remains still actual.

One of the ISC’s main objectives is to publish Spiritist books in different languages, especially the works of Allan Kardec and of authors like Francisco Candido Xavier and Yvonne Pereira, translated with excellent quality. Having this goal in mind the publishing house EDICEI was created, which publishes books in French, English, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Russian and prepares editions in other languages. In order to disseminate the Spiritist books, the ISC participates actively in important book fairs: Frankfurt (Germany), Guadalajara (Mexico), Salon du Livre de Paris (France), the Biennale of Rio de Janeiro and Biennale of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Book Fair of Buenos Aires and Book Expo America in New York.

The Spiritist Magazine

Founded by Allan Kardec, The Spiritist Magazine – Psychological Studies Journal – is a classic work, fundamental to understand kardecian ideas. It was launched on January 10th 1858 and served as experimental laboratory for the books and Spiritist Codificator’s future projects. Many texts from the Magazine were used later in Kardec’s books published after The Spirits’ Book.

The Revue was fundamental instrument for ideas exchanges between Spiritists and doctrine supporters from different places in the world, even if its great objective was always to contribute to the diffusion of the nascent Spiritist Doctrine.

In the first number Kardec highlighted that one of the goals of the Spiritist Magazine is to “unite with a common bond those who understand the Spiritist Doctrine in its true moral point of view, the practice of good and evangelical charity to all”. The Codificator planned to develop the Magazine and included this idea in his 1868 project (presented in The Posthumous Works).

After Kardec’s desincarnation, the Revue Spirite survived in France till XX century when its edition stopped.

Currently it came to be published by the ISC in partnership with Francophony Spiritist Movement (LMSF).

The Spanish edition of the “Revue Spirite” appeared as a result of natural necessity to respond to the growing interest of Spanish speaking countries to increase the diffusion of Spiritist ideas.

In order to realize this goal, the International Spiritist Council, launched a new edition of the “Revue Spirite” in 2003, fully in Spanish language. With some adjustments to the French edition, “La Revista Espírita en Español” became quickly the meeting point for all Spiritist movements from different Spanish speaking countries.

Today, “La Revista” is disseminated in more than 40 cities, in 22 countries. Each quarterly edition exceeds 10.000 copies and can be found in libraries and universities, becoming a point of reference for those who want to present the Spiritism.

When the Spanish edition of “Revue Spirite” first appeared, it started a new fase in the history of the magazine founded by Allan Kardec and increased significantly the perspectives for Spiritist doctrine diffusion across the globe.

In 2006 the first numbers of the “Revue” appeared also in English. ‘The Spiritist Magazine” has been published on a regular basis from 2008 and its quarterly editions reach various places in the world and are an important point of reference for all people who speak English.