The ISC is constituted by the National Unification Institutions of the Spiritist Movement (Confederations, Federations, Unions, etc.) duly organized and legitimately constituted, henceforth called Member Institutions.


The ISC is constituted by the following management and control bodies: General Assembly, Executive Committee, Fiscal Committee

Executive Committee

The ISC is administered by an Executive Committee, composed of twelve Member Institutions, which will have the responsibility of executing and monitoring  the deliberations collectively taken by the ISC in its General Assembly and putting the objectives established by the relevant Statute-Laws into practice.

The Members of the Executive Committee shall act collectively and within an integrated manner in order to comply with ISC’ decisions.

ISC’s Executive Committee for the 2019 – 2022 triennium

Secretary General – 
 United States – Jussara Pretti Korngold

Jussara Pretti Korngold is the founder and president of the Spiritist Group of New York and the Spiritist Alliance for Books (SAB), a non-profit organization aiming at promoting and disseminating Spiritism, in English, as codified by Allan Kardec. Mrs. Korngold is also a published author and has been translating spiritist papers and books since 1993. Jussara Korngold is currently the President of the United States Spiritist Federation, Executive Director of the Tristate Spiritist Federation and Secretary General of the International Spiritist Council.

 First Secretary –  Spain – Manuel Sonyer

Manuel Sonyer is a computer technician and specialist in tax filings. As a member of the FEE he is responsible for the Training and Mediumship area. President and member of the Centro Espirita Manuel y Divaldo (CEMYD) since 1989. He is a medium, lecturer, trainer of mediums, passers-by and fraternal assistance and collaborator of the spiritualist magazines “Actualidad espiritista” and “Presencia espirírita”. Collaborator in the formation and foundation of various Spanish and European spiritist groups. Legal representative in Europe of the Centro Espirita Camino de Redención, of its social work La Mansión del Camino and of Editora LEAL.

Second Secretary – Portugal – Vítor Féria

Vítor Mora Féria is an Engineer. President of the Portuguese Spiritist Federation (FEP) since 2010 and currently 2nd Secretary of the International Spiritist Council. He takes part in FEP’s social bodies since the 80’s and took part in the establishment of FEP’s current headoffice. He was also responsible for the formation of several Spiritist Centres in Portugal. He is a member of the International Spiritist Council (ISC) since its formation and has been carrying out several posts therein since 1993. He was responsible for the organization of several Congresses within the national and international scope, namely the 8th World Spiritist Congress (WSC), as Secretary of the ISC.

First Treasurer – Brazil – Hélio Blume

Helio Blume is a veterinarian, doctor on Animal Science, professor and Secretary General of Brazil’s Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine. He works as Higher Education Appraiser of Brazil’s Education Ministry. He has been a spiritist worker for more than 40 years and Director of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB) since 2008. He worked out several courses such as ESDE, EADE and Medianimity and currently coordinates the Doctrinal Studies Unit and the area of Spiritual Counselling of the National Federation Council (CFN-FEB)

Second Treasure – Cuba – Manuel de la Cruz 

Manuel de la Cruz is director and international representative of the Sociedad Amor y Caridad Universal (Universal Love and Charity Society) in Havana, Cuba, vice-president of the Sociedad de Estudios e Investigacion Cientifica de los Fenomenos Espirituales (Society for Studies and Scientific Research of the Spiritual Phenomena). Working as accountant, Manuel de la Cruz promotes the unification of all spiritist societies in Cuba and their integration into the International Spiritist Council. He was a member of the directive committee for the 7th World Spiritist Congress in 2013 and is currently member of ISC’s Spiritist Assistance and Social Promotion.

I. Administration of the Spiritist Centre Uruguay – Eduardo Dos Santos + (Peru,  Brazil, Germany)

Eduardo Dos Santos Camacho is member of the CEI Executive Committee, coordinates the Management Area. He is currently Vice President of the Uruguayan Spiritist Federation, of which he was also President. In 2001 he coordinated the 1st South American Spiritist Congress of Uruguay. In 2008 he founded the Society of Studies “For the Fraternity” in Maldonado- Uruguay. For eleven years he has participated weekly in the “Mirada al Este” program, in the city of Punta del Este, in a space about Spiritist Doctrine. He is a professional businessman and administrator.

 II. Study of Spiritism – Spain – David Estany + (Brasil, Canadá Suíça)

David Estany is president of FEE – Spanish Spiritist Federation



III. Study and Practice of Medianimity – Brazil, – Fátima Guimarães + (El Salvador, Canada, Germany, Chile Spain, Uruguay, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, USA)

Fátima Guimarães collaborates with FEB since 1989, acting as a facilitator of the Systematized Study of the Spiritist Doctrine, of the Medianity In 2015 she joined the FEB Executive Board, assuming the Coordination of the Mediumship Nucleus. He is responsible for the Mediumship Course and the Mediumistic Groups. In 2015 he also assumed the Executive Secretariat of the National Federative Council.

IV. Childhood, Youth and Family – Switzerland – Silvana Elia + (Bolívia, Irlanda, Bélgica, Canadá, Brasil,Suécia, Alemanha, El Salvador e Itália)

Silvana Elias is president of UCESS – Union des Centres d’Éstudes Spirites en Suisse (Union of the Centres of Spiritist Studies in Switzerland) and one of the directors of Estesia – Zentrum für Spiritistische Studien (Estesia – Centre for Spiritist Studies), located in Bern. She lectures the Gospel and is resposible for its Studies. She recently formed the Swiss Spiritist Youth. She works as Childhood,Youth and Family counsellor in the ISC.

V. Spiritual Counselling – France – Richard Buono + (Peru, Brazil, Canada and Uruguay)

Richard Buono works as a Psycho-Analyst clinician and Art-Therapist and is currently preparing his Doctorate in Theology. Member of the Spiritist movement since 2005, he is president of the Union Spirite Française (French Spiritist Union) (formerly Conseil Spirite Français – French Spiritist Council)) since September 2013. Author of numerous articles for the French Spiritist magazine “Vignes de Lumière” and lecturer. He currently coordinates the organization of the 10th world spiritist congress that will take place in France in 2022. He is also president of the “Centre Spirite Gabriel Delanne” (Gabriel Delanne Spiritist Centre) in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, southern France. He is member of ISC’s executive committee for Spiritual Counselling.

VI. Spiritist Assistance and Social Promotion – El Salvador – Walter Velasquez + (Guatemala, Brazil, Spain and Cuba)

Walter Velásquez is vice-president of El Salvador’s Association of Spiritist Schools, director of Spiritist Studies in Cátedra Mesías Spiritist School, in Guatemala and counsellor for the Spiritist Youth of El Salvador. He is member of ISC’s Committee for Spiritist Assistance and Social Promotion


VII. Spiritist Media – Portugal – Marcial Barros + (Portugal, Brazil,  Bolivia, Canadá,Italia, El Salvadir, Mexico, Suiça, Uruguaye USA)

Marcial Barros is responsible for the Communication, Technology and Social comunication at the Portuguese Spiritist Federation;
Spiritist worker at Fraternidade Espírita Cristã (FEC) – Lisbon, Portugal, since 1991. Director of the Technical and Creative Area of FEC from 2003 to 2012 is currently one of those responsible for the Audiovisual Office of the Technical and Creative Area of FEC;He is the second secretary of the board of the general assembly of the Associação Auxilio e Amizade.
Spiritist since his childhood.

Fiscal Committee: Comissão Fiscal: Guatemala, Mexico and Ireland