Training for Study Group Facilitators

The Study Area of Spiritist Doctrine of the  International Spiritist Council will hold a “Training for Study Group Facilitators” on October 7th and 8th, 2023.

The training will take place through the Zoom platform. Registration is open to member federations of the CEI (International Spiritist Council). (To register, you can contact the representative of your country’s Spiritist Federation or the members of the CEI Study Commission.)

The overall objective of the facilitator training is to promote the initial and ongoing training of facilitators for Spiritist study groups in Spiritist Institutions.

The following goals are pursued:

  • Analyze Spiritist Doctrine as the Promised Comforter;
  • Reflect on the importance of the explanation that welcomes and consoles;
  • Identify actions in studies that fulfill the comforting function of Spiritist Doctrine;
  • Reflect on the importance of continuous individual and collective study of Spiritism to achieve moral transformation;
  • Recognize the importance of living the Gospel of Jesus;
  • Understand the organization of the Federative Spiritist Movement;
  • Identify concepts, skills, qualities, and the role of the facilitator;
  • Reflect on the mediation of the Spiritist Doctrine learning process;
  • Examine strategies to streamline study processes;
  • Exercise mediation in the learning of Spiritist Doctrine;
  • Understand how to organize study groups;
  • Reflect on the importance of research, updates, and studies related to the role of Spiritist study facilitators;
  • Reflect on the importance of promoting discussions, from the perspective of Spiritist Doctrine, on topics relevant to social and moral transformations, with a view to the progress of Humanity (LE Third Part – Moral Laws);
  • Promote the integration of facilitators from different studies to encourage exchanges and fraternal experiences, strengthening teams and study groups;
  • Develop an inclusive culture and different types of accessibility in study groups.


Oct 07 - 08 2023




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