New ISC Executive Committee

New ISC Executive Committee

After the 8th World Spiritist Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal on 7th, 8th and 9th October, the International Spiritist Council held its usual meeting after WSC.

There were 31 nations present that elected the new Executive Committee:

GENERAL SECRETARY: Edwin Bravo (Guatemala)
FIRST SECRETARY: Vítor Féria (Portugal)
SECOND SECRETARY: Jussara Korngold (United States)
FIRST TREASURER: Manuel de la Cruz (Cuba)
SECOND TREASURER: Eduardo dos Santos (Uruguay)

Carlos Campetti (Spain)
Elsa Rossi (United Kingdom)
Fabio Villarraga (Colombia)
Jean-Paul Evrard (Belgium)
Jorge Berrio (Colombia)
Jorge Camargo (Mexico)
Marta Antunes (Brazil)

The Committee entered into effect immediately, with a term of office of one year and a half.