Divaldo Franco honoured in the Brazilian Parliament

Divaldo Franco honoured in the Brazilian Parliament

On 06/11/2014 at 9:30am a special ceremony to honour the medium and Spiritist speaker Divaldo Franco was held in the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia. The ceremony began in the lobby of the parliament house, where the exhibition “150 Years of Spiritist Presence in the Brazilian Parliament – 1864-2014″ was opened. Afterwards, the participants were invited to go to the Ulysses Guimarães Plenary for the sequential activity.
The special session, chaired by Congressman Maurice Trinity, began with the presentation of a video on the socio-educational work of the “Mansion of the Way”, Salvador/BA, which was idealised and created by Divaldo Franco and daily attends 3,200 children and their families from one of the poorest neighbourhoods of that city. The chairman explained the reasons for the homage, talking briefly about the life and work of Divaldo Franco and highlighting his profound humanitarian character. Then the Federal parliamentary Mr Martins Colbert, author of the tribute project for the Bahian Spiritist medium, was asked to speak followed by Congressman Dr. Ubiali. Others who also spoke on this occasion were Mr. Adalberto Boufleur Clovis, Institutional Relations Manager of the Children’s Pastoral; representing “in memoriam” the President of the Pastoral was Dr. Zilda Arns; Mr. Euripides Hyginus, son of the Spiritist medium Francisco Cândido Xavier; and finally Mr. César Antonio Perri de Carvalho, President of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. Continuing the programme, Divaldo Franco was then invited to mount the podium to say a few words. He started his thanks with a gesture of legitimate humility, by claiming it to be an undeserved tribute to his life and figure. He declared himself to be of no significance, merely a simple person of no great achievement and therefore asked permission to transfer all the honours to the Codifier of Spiritism – Allan Kardec and the actual Spiritist Teachings, to whom he owed his equilibrium and the joy in life that he had found from the many pages of enlightenment. After a brilliant and moving talk about the deeper meaning of life, being to love and serve others and to find inner peace, Divaldo then told how he had come to create the Peace and You Movement. He spoke of the objectives of this task, of its reach and the benefits that have already been observed within society in general since the foundation of this activity, through the moral transformation of human beings for the better. His speech ended with an emotional recitation of the “Poem of Gratitude,” by the Spirit Amália Rodríguez. The “You and Peace Movement” award trophies were given to Clovis Adalberto Boufleur, representing Dr. Zilda Arns (“in memoriam”) for the Children’s Pastoral; to Euripides Hyginus, representing Francisco Cândido Xavier (“in memoriam”); and to César Antonio Perri de Carvalho, representing the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. To finally end the formal session, everyone on the crowded floor of the hall held hands and sang the song “Peace for Peace”, by the composer Nando Cordel.
Text written by Julius Zacarchenco. Photos by Jorge Moehlecke.