Desincarnation of Nestor Joao Masotti, ex-president of the FEB and ex-general secretary of the ISC

Desincarnation of Nestor Joao Masotti, ex-president of the FEB and ex-general secretary of the ISC

During the afternoon on 3rd September, at the Santa Lúcia Hospital in Brasília, BRAZIL, our very dear friend Nestor João Masotti returned to the spiritual homeland.
The funeral service was held on 4th September at 11.30 am in the Seventh Chapel at The Field of Hope Cemetery and the burial occurred on the same day at 4.30 pm.
Nestor João Masotti
He was the 15th President of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation. Born in Pindorama in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, on 21st June 1937, the son of Damiano Henrique Venâncio Masotti and Eloyda G Masotti, both parents were Spiritists.
He graduated in Dentistry in Araraquara and practiced this profession for less than a year in Tupã – S.P. Professionally he worked as a Civil Servant in Government Treasury Departments in Fernandópolis and São Paulo.
Nestor was always very active in the Spiritist Movement in both of those towns, where he integrated the work of Spiritism right from the Spiritist Youth up to Directing a Spiritist Centre. He took part in Spiritist Youth events on a regional, inter-state and national level. He was President of the Union of Spiritist Societies for the State of São Paulo (from 1974-1982) and Vice-President (from 1982-1986), integrating together with the National Federative Council (CFN) of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB). At the invitation of Francisco Thiesen, the President of FEB in Brasília, he became its Director from 1986-1990 and then the General-Secretary of the CFN. Later he became Vice-President and finally President of FEB. Nestor also took a very active part in the setting-up of the Regional Commissions of the CFN of FEB.
At the beginning of his period as President, Nestor began the reform and modernisation of the FEB printing department, together with ideas for new designs for book covers and new formats for books. During the period of his mandate there were two Brazilian Spiritist Congresses (2007 & 2010); commemorations for the Bicentenary of the birth of Allan Kardec, with the emission of a commemorative stamp by the Post Office; the Hundred and Fiftieth anniversary of The Spirits’ Book with the emission of a commerative stamp by the Post Office and the “Centenary Project for Chico Xavier” 2010; the Hundred and Fiftieth anniversary of “The Mediums Book” (2011); Centenary of the Historical Headquarters in Rio (2011). Also during Nestor’s mandate, the CFN of FEB approved the “Activity for the Preparation of Spiritist Workers” (2002), which brought about a Course for “Administrative Capacity of the Spiritist Centre” and the campaigne “Constructing Peace by Promoting Goodness” (2002). Then came a “Work Plan for the Brazilian Spiritist Movement” (2007-2012); a campaigne for “The Gospel in the Home and in the Heart” (2008); Guidance for Unification(2009) and Internal Regulations for the National Federative Council of FEB (2011).
FEB also upheld the creation of the “National Movement in Defence of Life – Brazil without Abortion”; the reforming of the installations of the Model Farm and the construction of the C.E. Memorial to Luiz Gonzaga from Pedro Leopoldo (Minas Gerais); backing for the films “Chico Xavier”, “Nosso Lar”, plus “And Life Goes on…”, simultaneously with the many other tasks he had within FEB.
Together with the ex-presidents Francisco Thiesen and Juvanir Borges de Souza, Nestor worked ardently for the foundation of the International Spiritist Council, which became effective in 1992. He then carried out the position of 1st Secretary and General-Secretary to the International Spiritist Council (ISC). Within this final task he then created TVCEI and EDICEI with books translated into various languages; the Administrative Centre of the ISC in Brasília; he promoted the World Congresses in Guatemala (2001), Paris (2004), Cartagena das Indias (2007) and Valencia (2010).
Nestor also participated in two ONU events in New York; the Millennium World Peace Summit (2000) and the homage for the Centenary of Chico Xavier (2010); plus he continued to take part in talks, seminars and many other events in various countries in the three Americas, Europe and Africa. Towards the end of his mandate within FEB, there was the de-activation of the outdated printing system and the initiation of outsourcing. Furthermore he carried out the 21st mandate of the President of FEB from 2001-2013, but had to take a furlough in 2012.
In May 2012, he became me withdrawn from the Presidency for reasons of health treatments, but only resigned definitively in March 2013.
On returning to Brasília in August 2013, after more than a year in São Paulo undergoing treatment, Nestor returned to some of the mediumship meetings and gave a few lectures in FEB. On a variety of occasions, the actual President of FEB paid homage to Nestor. During the CFN in 2012, after the beginning of his medical treatment, he presented with a collection of signatures in book format and a silver plaque. Then during his first public appearance at the Spiritist Museum in São Paulo (April 2013). Then again in November 2013 at the inauguration of his photo in the Gallery of Ex-Presidents in the Cultural Space at FEB. Finally, at the opening of the Extraordinary Meeting of the CFN of FEB, held on 23rd August 2014 – when Nestor gave the opening prayer. This was Nestor’s last public appearance and his last visit to FEB.
Married to Maria Euni, they had three children – Miriam, Mário and Mariane. Together with his son-in-Law Rubens and daughter-in-Law Sibeli and several grandchildren, all of the family members have been linked to Spiritist activities within FEB.
I got to know Nestor while he was still single, during the 1970’s. Ever since then I have accompanied his pathway through life, and most especially during his period at USE-SP and his journey through FEB and the ISC. I have always appreciated his positioning within the Spiritist Teachings, within Unification and the dissemination of Spiritism. By coincidence, my family and I moved to Brasília for professional motives two months before he assumed the Presidency of FEB. We have participated with him in the activities of both FEB and the ISC, learning to valorise and respect his efforts and struggles for the Cause. Our dear friend opened many pathways and contributed enormously to the spreading of the Spiritist message.