APRIL 2020 SPIRITISM & PSYCHOLOGY – what is the CONNEXION? – London (UK)

APRIL 2020 SPIRITISM & PSYCHOLOGY – what is the CONNEXION? - London (UK)
About this Event

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This half-day event will explore potential improvements to our mental health and well-being through the links between Spiritism and psychology. Humanity is currently experiencing escalating levels of anxiety, depression and grief etc, due to multiple crises in the world (ecologically, economically, politically and socially). A collective transformation is much needed, such as Carl Jung’s method of ‘individuation’, which has resonances with ‘soul progression’ found in the work of Allan Kardec. A case will be made for greater collaborative links between Spiritism and psychology.


Dr Tania Stevanin

Theme: How the Spiritist teachings could help to improve the treatment of mental health problems

Dr Tania Stevanin, PhD in Microbiology, Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

International Spiritist lecturer, Dr Stevanin is the founder of Sheffield Spiritist Group in the UK. Psychology degree. Spiritist founder of the Sheffield Spiritist Group and international

Dr Mick Collins

Theme: Kardec and Jung: Individuation and soul progression

Dr Mick Collins, PhD in Spiritual Emergency, BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy, and Diploma in Holistic Coaching.

Mick worked for 12 years as an NHS occupational therapist in acute mental health settings and in a psychological therapies team. He then worked for 10 years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science University of East Anglia (UEA). Mick’s doctoral research (Department of Counselling, UEA) explored the subject of spiritual emergency. He has written two books on spirituality and the current eco-crisis. Mick now works as an author and holistic coach

Panel: Questions and answers

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