About the ISC

THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITIST COUNCIL (ISC) was created on November 28, 1992, in Madrid – Spain. It is a non-profit, worldwide organization, originating from the union of the institutions that represent the National Spiritist Movements.


ISC’s mission is to promote the unification of the Spiritist Movement in the world, based on the principles established by Allan Kardec, through unified action taken by the institutions that constitute it.


To be recognized in the world as an active organization through actions that foster the union of spiritists, the doctrinal unity and the degree of excellence of the Movement.

Purposes and Objectives

They are based on Spiritism or Spiritist Doctrine, contained in the works of Allan Kardec, and aim at:
Promoting the solidarity and fraternal union of spiritists and spiritist institutions from all countries, as well as the unification of the International Spiritist Movement;
Promoting the study and dissemination of Spiritism in the world, in its three basic aspects: scientific, philosophical and moral-religious;
Promoting peace and the practice of spiritual, moral and material charity, in the light of Spiritism.
Promoting regular meetings of the National Unification Institutions, with the aim of exchanging information and experiences;
Coordinating and promoting the execution of courses, meetings, symposia and international spiritist congresses, ensuring and preserving doctrinal principles;
Cooperating with the National Institutions that constitute it, and whenever requested, in structuring all their spiritist activities related to the doctrine, assistance, administration, dissemination, unification and any other spiritist activities;
Promoting the dissemination of Spiritism in all possible languages, through books in all its formats, campaigns and use of the various material and virtual media that already exist or may exist in the future, always in compliance with the principles of the Spiritist Doctrine;


No congress, course, symposium or meeting promoted by the ISC shall convey final conclusions leading to any modification of the principles and postulates of the Spiritist Doctrine codified by Allan Kardec.
No support programmes or materials provided and shared by the ISC shall be mandatory and the National Institutions will use their discretion to adopt them partially or totally, or not, or adapt them to their own needs or conveniences, but always preserving all their doctrinal contents.