8th World Spiritist Congress – 42 Countries were represented by attendees in Portugal

8th World Spiritist Congress - 42 Countries were represented by attendees in Portugal

On October 7th, 8th and 9th, the Tejo room of Meo Arena facility became small to welcome the more than 2000 congress attendees who came from all over the world to experience a series of 22 lectures given by doctors, psychologists, lawyers, journalists, teachers, engineers, economists and managers, around the theme: In Defense of Life.

Organized by the International Spiritist Council coordinated by the Portuguese Spiritist Federation, the 8th CEM began with two beautiful artistic moments: the opening video, produced by Hugo Marques, was enriched by the elegant performance of the dancer Isabela Faria, followed by renditions of the classical music duo Caminus Duo – Joana Vieira Shumova on the piano and Mikhail Shumov on the cello.

After the opening table was assembled, Vítor Féria (president of the Portuguese Spiritist Federation) welcomed the members of the 8th CEM and asked Raúl Teixeira to do the opening prayer.  It was a moment of heartfelt emotion that enabled the perception of deeply empathic bonds between all those present. Charles Kempf (the Secretary General of the CEI at the time), addressed the history of the World Spiritist Congresses, their importance and historic figures. That was followed by the much-anticipated lecture by Divaldo Pereira Franco, who, for about an hour, brought a historical perspective of human’s search for the meaning of life and its value.

After the break, a series of lectures followed as programmed, which ended with a well-received reflection around the theme Euthanasia and Dysthanasia. This talk was presented by the scientific director of AME – International Medical Spiritist Association.

The afternoon of the 7th ended in the auditorium with another artistic moment, this time by the sweet and smooth voice of singer Sílvia Torres, also known as Sonasfly.

It is important to note that before the work in the auditorium and during its breaks, in other rooms, there were other activities: sales of books of the many authors present and important works of Spiritism; Oral presentations with digital support of scientific posters that during the 3 days focused on the following subjects: Epigenetic (Paulo Mourinha); Music Therapy (João Paulo Gomes); Art (Renata Gastal Porto); Animal Life (Edison Siqueira); Spiritist Education (Dialogar Association); What is Quantum Physics (Nuno Cruz); Quantum, Spirituality and Health (Moacir Lima); Homeopathy (Paulo Mourinha); Nutrition and Health (Ana Sofia); PO2E – Orientation Program for Spiritist Education of Children and Youth (Ana Duarte).

In the press room, more than 60 interviews and press conferences were held with various leaders of the Spiritist movement.

The second day of the congress (8th), began with the vibrant vocal power of two countertenors: Luís Peças and João Paulo Ferreira, who put the room in an atmosphere of sonorous delight, as it happens whenever one listens to music of superior quality.

The presenters then introduced the panelists of the morning panel. After the break, another panel was set up to work on the suicide issue, coordinated by the president of the United States Spiritist Federation, Jussara Korngold. And the morning would end with an emotion-filled talk about abortion.

After the lunch break, to start the afternoon activities, the harpist Helena Madeira transported us to the highest planes of life, by the celestial chords of the harp and her enchanting voice.

The program continued, on time as scheduled and exceeding expectations. After the break, another panel was formed, this time to talk about Education. Coordinated by the psychologist and educator Miriam Masotti Dusi, the director in charge of this area in the Brazilian Spiritist Federation.

Three individual afternoon lectures followed, ending with the Brazilian journalist, André Trigueiro, on the theme “Spiritism and Ecology”.

The most actively filled day of the Congress – including 20 lecturers -was coming to an end, and yet no weariness or tiredness was felt in the vast audience; they were renewed in conversations and affectionate embraces far beyond the last syllable uttered by the evening presenters.

Then we got to the last day: October 9th. A day marked by Barcelona’s auto-de-fe, which in 1861 tried to destroy ideas, but which remained by transforming burned paper into ashes.

Before the lectures began, Maurício Virgens, a Brazilian baritone, literally filled the auditorium with the power of a vocal register that was at once imposing and endearing.

It was Xavier Llobet, a lawyer by profession, native of Barcelona, ​​who would remember the events of the Auto de Fé in his hometown, ​​so distant in time, and yet so close.

This was followed by Jorge Godinho, president of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation and the first morning panel, Iris and Claudio Sinoti made a beautiful tribute: In Praise to Life and Love.

It was then with a sense of “party coming to an end” that the great Bahia-born speaker took the floor to summarize the themes of the 8th World Spiritist Congress and the personal responsibility of each spiritist who, listening to the contents, needs to transform them into daily attitudes. To the great joy of the congress attendees who completely filled the Tejo Room to capacity, the Greater World manifested itself through Divaldo’s psychophony, articulating the message of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, encompassing an invitation to overcoming one’s self through love, in a world that through tribulations, needs to reach true brotherhood, the only one capable of uniting humankind.

After this significant message, only the farewells were left, in a feeling of culmination, with the whole organization receiving a standing ovation by the attendees, to the sound of the “Ode to the Joy” by Beethoven, sung by Maurício Virgens without interruption, in different languages ​​and aided by the final video produced by the young Hugo Marques.

Final words of thanks  were offered in tears by the president of the Portuguese Spiritist Federation. A mixture of longing and mission accomplished flooded the hearts of most present. Hugs, smiles, eyes wet with tears tempered the affection of those hearts united by the message of love.

Many bid farewell saying “see you soon”.


We say, see you at the 9th World Spiritist Congress!

Image gallery of the 8th WSC: https://flic.kr/s/aHskF8uCRy